Falls Church Little League: Featured ‘Game of the Week’

By Erika Toman

The Falls Church Kiwanis Little League is proud to announce the 2022 All-Star Teams!

They saw tremendous work throughout the Spring season and the teams are currently working hard to prepare for tournament play in the coming weeks.

Visit for the schedule and plan to attend some games to cheer on the home team!

Majors “White Team,” Team Manager: Julie Herlands. The White Team includes Christopher Capannola, Christopher Thompson, Elijah Petty, Flynn Sheinkin, Gavin Hegenbart, Griffin Wishrad, Henry Ackerman, Jack Mullin, Jude Fears, Kemper Morrison, Luke Torres, Matteo Pipia, Patrick Scully.

Ages 9 — 11 “Blue Team,” Team Manager: Joe Greiner. The Blue Team consists of Aiden Ortiz, Alexander “Xander” Wagner, Asher Sequeira, Casey Waldron, Cole Beck, Davis Nicholas, Drew Fay, Harrison Carmody, Liam Horgan, Nathan Landers, Peter “Rocky” Marx, Reid Edmonds, Samuel Longley, Teddy Greiner.

Ages 8 — 10 “Red Team,” Team Manager: Nick Toman. The Red Team is made up of Aidan Izawa, Anthony Verdi, Bobby Lynch, Evan Toman, Hayes Vaughan, James Gilroy, James Owen, John Fatzinger, Kellan McCormack, Luca Pipia, Michael Baltrym, Michael Downs, Will Wood.