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Critter Corner: Archie

Meet Archie, the Great Pyrenees, patchy-eyed prince of Lost Dog! At almost 3 years old and 70 lbs, he is the true definition of a gentle giant. His calm and happy demeanor makes him a true joy to be around, and we think he’d make an excellent family pup. He walks so nicely on his leash and is, essentially, just happy to be with you. He is gentle, yet playful. Archie loves balls and playing fetch. He has done well with kids and other dogs. When he plays with his doggie friends, he is just like a big goofy kid himself. Archie is highly social and eager to bond with his people and learn new tricks. He is a catch and anyone would be lucky to welcome this guy into their home. Archie will be attending an adoption event coming up this weekend! To learn more about upcoming events and to see which event he will be attending, please visit our event page at If you have any questions prior to the event, please email!