Rep. Beyer Hails Life’s Work of Biologist E.O. Wilson

Monday, Dec. 27 — U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) today celebrated the life of famed biologist Dr. E.O. Wilson, who passed away yesterday at the age of 92. Beyer and Wilson first met in 2016 to discuss legislation based on Wilson’s work, which Beyer later introduced as the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act.

“Dr. E.O. Wilson was one of the greatest scientists of our time. Over the course of an extraordinary life this brilliant biologist from Alabama who studied ants came to profoundly change the way we think about biodiversity, conservation, and the planet we live on,” said Beyer. “I am saddened by the news that he passed, but Dr. Wilson’s was a life well lived, and his tremendous contributions will continue to guide the way to a better world long after his passing. I am proud to have known him, and will never forget him.”