Letter to the Editor: Thank You on Behalf of FCCPS Band Boosters


On behalf of the FCCPS Band Boosters, I would like to express my profound gratitude for our community’s response to Tag Day—our Meridian High School fundraiser for their band trip. This year’s effort was an overwhelming success, and our students could not be more excited not only for this opportunity to perform at Walt Disney World, but also for the new sense of hope that this trip is giving them. After enduring Covid restrictions and cancellations for the past two school years, these students will finally be able to experience a high school rite of passage—their band trip—and the opportunity to bond, to grow, to laugh, to travel, to perform, and to HAVE FUN MAKING MUSIC. Our community members’ generous contributions will make it possible for all of our band students to be able to attend, and their gracious reception of these students at their homes, at the Farmer’s Market, and on the streets reminded the students of what makes our community so special. From our school administrators, to parents, to city officials, to shop and restaurant managers, to newspaper editors, to city residents—we feel as though you are all in our corner.

The students will be continuing to fundraise over the next few months through MUSIC Days (Many Useful Students In our Community). If there are any odd jobs that you would like to hire students to do—yard work, babysitting, car wash, lessons, dog walking, etc.—please email musicdaysgmhs@gmail.com or visit https://www.bandboostersfcc.org/fundraisers to learn more.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to our community for their kindness, generosity, enthusiasm, encouragement, and support! Our band students are the epitome of Roots, Resilience, and Renewal, and as we have all learned over the last 18-plus months, we are #BetterTogether!

Beth Hahn
President, FCCPS Band Boosters
Falls Church