Book Review: ‘The January 6 Capitol Sacking: Putin’s Role’ by Nicholas F. Benton, BCI Books, 52 pages.

By J. Roslyn

Nicholas Benton’s ten part series on Vladimir Putin’s role in the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol makes some astonishing conclusions, but the most astonishing is that Russia has been deeply involved in running large factions of US political parties since the 1970s, and Trump has been groomed as a Russian asset since at least 1987.

In his book, Benton demonstrates and documents that the sacking of the U.S. Capitol came closer to a coup against the U.S. than many in the intelligence community are willing to let on and if the forces behind this attack are not exposed and stopped, there is little doubt that those forces will regroup and try again.

In order to understand the insurrection, Benton makes clear that the

question is not whether Putin and his predecessors in the KGB, sought to harm the U.S., instead the question is how deep does their perfidy go and how did it happen.   The answer is breathtaking in its scope.

Benton writes that starting in the 1970s, seeds were planted for the rise of Trump and the cults surrounding him, including the corruption of the Republican Party and the creation of QAnon.

Under the cover of a new “detente” with the Nixon administration, the Soviet KGB, that is the Russian government today under Putin, began a shift in how to penetrate and control the U.S. from within.

First, the new détente involved duping Nixon into agreeing with it on the grounds it would help him to control what he considered his leftist and liberal enemies, including the residues of the civil rights, feminist, gay liberation, and anti-war movements.

At the same time, the KGB encouraged its fringe assets to make a turn to the right. Thus, previous leftist organizations like Lyndon LaRouche’s National Caucus of Labor Committees began showing up at leftist fringe meetings and “threatening or actually inflicting harm with attacks on aged Community Party sympathizers, for example, with nunchucks and other handheld but not lethal

weapons.” It was called “Operation Mop-Up.”

The Soviet operation against the U.S. in 1970s also affected the growth of cults. Benton writes about his first-hand experience with the cult of Lyndon LaRouche, which enabled him to provide key insights into the workings of QAnon, a “sophisticated psychological profiling cult operation whose roots go right back to the Soviet KGB and Vladimir Putin.”

He also refers to another cult survivor, Marisa Meltzer and her essay, “The New Age Roots of Q: Masculinity, Spirituality and the Strange Convergence of Counterculture and Hate” published in the Washington Post magazine last spring.

Benton focuses on her description of her own involvement earlier in her life in cults that were born from the counterculture and her use of this material to demonstrate how people were pulled into the cult of Q and Qanon.

 Benton concludes “that only by understanding the insidious nature of cults can someone understand how ordinary Americans could so easily adopt a ‘fundamental belief’ that a Satan-worshipping cabal of elites, who practice pedophilia, is running the world from behind the scenes, and that Donald

Trump is some kind of divine warrior sent to destroy it.”

Perhaps the most shocking argument Benton makes is that Trump has been a carefully and patiently cultivated Russian agent of influence since at least 1987, who he has effectively drawn in a whole faction of the Republican Party and was able to convince over 70 million people to vote for him in the last election. Benton argues that if the American democratic experiment is to survive for the long haul, it is going to have to face and address this condition very directly.

This means fearlessly exposing the fact that the sacking of the Capitol was a Moscow-inspired operation, notwithstanding how violently the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and other radical rightwing cult groups involved might deny it.

In this book, Benton begins to unravel the Putin spider’s web behind the Trump presidency, QAnon and the January 6, sacking of the Capitol. It is not the entire story, but it is a good chunk of the road map used by Putin and his Soviet colleagues to influence so much of American politics since the 1970s.

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