Letters to the Editor: Clarifying Errors In Last Week’s Letter On Denuding in F.C.

Letters to the Editor: July 8 – 14, 2021

Clarifying Errors In Last Week’s Letter On Denuding in F.C.


This is in response to Zachary Albaugh’s letter in the News-Press’ last issue about the “denuding” of the trees on the lot at E. Columbia and Van Buren Street.

In contrast to the fact-free assertions of the writer, the builder, Cottage Street Custom Homes, did not “decide to clear cut the entire lot including many old growth large healthy trees along the property line…[to gain] a few extra square feet on their listings.”

In fact, the City Arborist mandated that those trees be cut down — two homes are being built on the subdivided lots there, and the roots of any trees not cut down would be damaged by the disruption from construction, thus creating a future hazard. Further, it’s not the size of the homes that is requiring the tree removal, but its the underground facilities, newly-mandated to reduce stormwater management, that destroy the root systems of the trees, requiring the trees to be removed.

I am an owner of one of those lots, and Cottage Street is building a home at my direction. I am as upset (if not more) about the loss of the tree canopy as the writer.

Not only will I have to live on that lot (I had envisioned building my young son a treehouse there), I’m also an existing resident of the Broadmont neighborhood, and a frequent walker, so I very much appreciate living in a “Tree City USA.” For this reason, we plan on re-planting as many trees (and as mature) as practicable.

I would recommend that the next time the writer wishes to call for a boycott of a small, local business like Cottage Street, he make the effort to collect actual facts that support such an extraordinary effort.

Gary Scanlon

Falls Church

F.C. City Needs To Speed Up Roosevelt Street Reopening


There seems to be a surprising lassitude concerning the cleanup from last Thursday’s storm.

It was a serious storm that brought down a number of trees.

One fell across Roosevelt Street, just west of Tuckahoe Street, bringing wires down across Tuckahoe where it meets Roosevelt.

Another fell across half of Van Buren Street where Van Buren meets Columbia Street.

The tree that blocked Roosevelt was cleared days ago. But as of Wednesday afternoon the street is still closed between Tuckahoe and Broad Street.

Wires — possibly cable — were still down and a mound of branches remained next to the cemetery.

No one has even touched the tree at Van Buren.

Does the City care? Is the City doing anything at all about storm cleanup?

Ronald Archer

Falls Church

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