2024-06-22 2:15 AM

F.C. School Naming Committees Submit Options to School Board

The Falls Church City Public Schools’ Elementary and High School Renaming Committees completed their work last week, and each chair submitted a final report to the School Board.

The Board will hear a presentation on the suggested names at their meeting Tuesday night.

After taking some time to consider the names and hear from the public, they will make the final naming decisions later this month. The School Board encourages community members to contact Board members with thoughts on the schools’ final selection of names. 

Proposed Elementary School Names (alphabetical order)

+ Mattie Gundry Elementary School  This name was selected to honor the pioneering special education educator, suffragist, and community leader.

+ Oak Street Elementary School  This is the school’s original name, evoking a sense of place and recognizing how trees are important natural elements of Falls Church.

+ The Little City Elementary School  This slogan has come to symbolize Falls Church in many ways and represents who we are — a small city in the midst of a larger urban area.

+ Tripps Run Elementary School  The stream runs through the school campus. The name reflects the geographical location and the natural world. Learning about Tripps Run is part of the school’s curriculum.

+ Truth & Justice Elementary School  These aspirational values are important for all students and adults to learn. This name keeps the initials “TJ” for the school.

Proposed High School Names (alphabetical order)

+ Meridian High School  The meridian is a feature of the globe, and we are educating global citizens. The City of Falls Church is located on the original 1791 meridian delineating the line between Washington, DC, and Virginia.

+ Metro View High School  This name emerged as people began to visit the school and experience the breathtaking view from the top floor, which takes in a large part of the metropolitan area.

+ Metropolitan High School  This name highlights the geographic location of Falls Church within the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Although Falls Church is small, we are a key part of something bigger.

+ Tinner Hill High School  This name pays tribute to the historic Tinner Hill neighborhood and the individuals who stood up against segregation. It promotes the forward-thinking values that we teach students to embrace.

+ West End High School This name identifies the high school located in the City of Falls Church’s westernmost area, which will be transformed in coming years with the school campus as a key part.





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