Letters to the Editor: Muzzling Live Music Hurts F.C.’s Appeal To Those Outside City

Letters to the Editor: April 8 – 14, 2021

Muzzling Live Music Hurts F.C.’s Appeal To Those Outside City


One of the few bright spots over this past year has been the cooperation among local bars/restaurants, bands and fans of live music. Starting around Memorial Day, the local businesses started trying to figure out how to reopen and several in Falls Church (Falls Church Distillers, Clare and Don’s, Mark’s Pub, Liberty BBQ and State Theatre) viewed outdoor live music as a way to help bring some normalcy back to our lives, and continue their business and support of their employees. They worked in concert with local bands and their fans to create a safe and enjoyable option for everyone. It wasn’t always easy but it was very effective and successful and there have been no known cases of Covid-19 spread from any of those events.

Beyond just surviving, the Falls Church live music scene has become a huge draw throughout the area and Falls Church is being referred to as the new hub of live music in the D.C. region. People come from Maryland, D.C., Richmond, West Virginia, and even Delaware. This has been an incredibly positive experience.

Unfortunately, it appears that the local and state governments have suddenly recently visited most of the local venues, enforcing minor rules that are making things more difficult. Some of these have been easy to adapt to for some venues but others are more crippling. I completely understand the need to enforce noise ordinances, but some of the measures are overly draconian and run the risk of killing the golden goose that we all discovered together while undergoing hard times.

I hope Falls Church and Virginia officials will take the big picture into consideration and find ways to be more flexible in working with local businesses for the greater good. It would be a shame if one of the only feel-good stories of 2020 were to have a sad ending.

Rick Tiene

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F.C. Distillers Being Unfairly Targeted By New Noise Rules


Falls Church Distillers is doing an exceptional job at keeping their business afloat and thriving while making it a safe, positive and professional atmosphere for loyal patrons to gather and enjoy spirits and music. I’m not understanding why in the world the local police have targeted this local establishment. The constant harassment has demonstrated a lack of caring for the business and its patrons. I’ve been there countless times when the police have stalked the place and given warnings and tickets for noise violations — even when they said no one complained. And I witnessed a recent warning when the meter read one point over, and there was no music outside. Things have to change in Falls Church. Why is it that some venues can crank up the music so loud, and the Distillers can’t even have any music outside now, and get in trouble for noise coming from conversations?

Sandi Redman

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