2024-06-18 11:18 PM

Crime Report: Candy Bar-Throwing Customer Gets Assault Charge

A customer at a W. Broad Street store was charged with assault after throwing a candy bar at an employee in this week’s Crime Report

Larceny from Building- 6600 blk Wilson Blvd, January 25, between 3 and 4 PM, items of value were taken from a shopping cart while the owner was intentionally distracted.

Fraud- 400 blk S Maple Ave, January 26, an incident of fraud was reported.

Assault – 100 blk W Broad St, January 26, 3:45 PM, an irate customer threw a candy bar at an employee.

Credit Card Theft, Failure to Return Bailed Vehicle- 100 blk Hillwood Ave, December 29, a stolen credit card was used to rent a vehicle which remains missing.

Destruction of Property- 100 blk Park Ave, January 28, 4:20 PM, an interior door was damaged by a known individual, who left the premises.

Larceny- Shoplifting-100 blk W Broad St. January 28, 5:05 PM, items of value were taken. Suspect described as a black male, with a black face mask and brown leather jacket.

Drunk in Public-100 blk Hillwood Ave, January 28, 7:49 PM, a male, 60, of no fixed address, was arrested for being Drunk in Public.

Driving Under the Influence-1000 blk Hillwood ave, January 29, 10:01 PM, a male, 34, of Bailey’s Crossroads, VA, was arrested for driving under the influence.

Driving Under the Influence-200 blk S Washington Street, January 30, 10:31 PM, a male 25, of Alexandria VA, was arrested for driving under the influence.


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