National Commentary

The Devil May Care

As details of the events of Jan. 6, the Trump coup attempt at the nation’s Capitol, continue to come to light, the sickening collaboration between the agents provocateur who led the assault into the building and some agents operating on the other side in the corridors of official power have only just begun to be exposed.

Clearly, this was an incident months in the planning among the ranks of traitors both within and without the government and intelligence agencies.

As the wide parameters of the treacherous event come to light, it seems that we are in store, as a nation, for a bumpy ride going forward, and it is going to take some harsh measures by the incoming Biden administration to keep things in check.

The good guys in this must spare no force or resource to bring this conspiracy to overthrow the lawful government of the United States of America to its knees. It is not clear at all how deep this conspiracy runs through certain institutions in our society, yet it is essential for the national security of the U.S. to launch an exhaustive rooting out.

The exercise of criminal justice must be swift and resolute. We do not know what the full measure of plans were that were intended to be carried out on Jan. 6. Certainly, the outcome was expected to be far more tragic by the organizers. Images of members of Congress being drawn, quartered and assassinated on live TV was clearly in the heads of a number of them. Vice President Pence was very much a target for such a treatment.

The reason it didn’t turn into a bloodbath has to do with a number of factors, including, I must say, the actions of heroes the public will never hear about, because they were the undercover operatives within the assailant groups who had to find creative, covert ways to gum up the works for the domestic terrorists.

We in the non-covert intelligence world cannot know what machinations were involved, nor can we know what may be in store not only for the next week, but the next extended period.

While this lack of insider knowledge may seem to render us impotent on one level, the root of the problem is right out in plain sight for anyone to see.

When the Republican Party leadership bought into the idea that radical insurgencies are a way to get their agenda across, they made the proverbial compact with the devil, and in the best spirit of Gounoud’s opera about the devil, “Faust,” they are destined to be dragged to hell in the final act.

This is not a metaphor. Hell and the devil are too real, whether their channels burrow through the individual soul and conscience, or take the form of mass retributive events in history. Either way, those who aided and abetted the Jan. 6 coup attempt will pay, beginning with the manner by which their inner souls get eaten alive by demons and they are driven mad.

The worst betrayal of their fellow man came in the form of a battle against truth, itself.

Donald Trump’s truly insane obsession that he could not stand the result of the Nov. 3 presidential election, in which he lost by a whopping 7 million votes, drove him to insist that he won, and he repeated that falsehood enough in the days after that election that millions of duped Americans bought into it. It was a lie, a disgusting lie, not the only one that Trump told in his regrettable single term in office, but one for which he will most acutely pay.

Whether or not a delusional narcissist like Trump knew better himself is not the issue, really. I’m convinced he of course knew he was peddling a huge lie, and was willing to destroy the lives and integrity of millions of others to make it operational, to make it the basis of overturning the election.

Ultimately in this life, it is not how much power or wealth you have, it is your willingness to serve the interests of others by telling the truth, no matter how painful, which will determine your eventual fate.

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