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Vietnam Veterans Donate Gift Cards to Children

For the tenth consecutive year, the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 227 of Northern Virginia, donated thirty $75 gift credit cards to children of veterans who are in the Veterans Administration Supportive Housing (VASH) program. In addition, $100 gift cards were provided to two VASH veterans who are enrolled as students. The total amount is $2,450.

The gift cards will help pay for school supplies and other essentials for the new school year.

The VASH Program is a joint effort between the Departments of Housing and Urban Development and the Veterans Administration to assist homeless veterans and their families in transitioning from homelessness to normalcy with affordable and stable lodging.

The VA case managers serve over 100 veterans and their families in the Northern Virginia area of Fairfax, Arlington, and Prince William Counties and the Cities of Alexandria and Fairfax.

The chapter’s Holiday plans are to be Santa for one Wounded Warrior family, whose spouse is being treated at a local military hospital, and to provide credit card gift cards to needy VASH families.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the holiday program can mail a check made payable to VVA Chapter 227 with memo: 2020 Holiday Gift Card and the mailing address is VVA Chapter 227, P.O. Box 5653, Arlington, Va. 22205 or call Len Ignatowski at 703-255-0353.