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Marshall Academy Students Of The Year Announced

Marshall Academy, a Governor’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) academy, celebrated its 21st annual Academy Awards by honoring its Academy Students of the Year, who have excelled in their academy courses.

Marshall Academy is one of six high school academies in FCPS; it offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) and STEM courses and is located within Marshall High School (7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church).

Students of the Year from local schools, with their base school in parentheses, are: Parimah Keyvani, Arabic 1 (Marshall High School); Alexandra Thrasher, Arabic 2 (Marshall); Luke Feghali, Auto Technology 1 (Marshall); Wendy Huang, Chinese 2 (Falls Church High School); Nathan Chan, Chinese IB2-AP (Marshall); Ingris Ruiz Reyes, Cosmetology 1 (Justice High School); Lauren Weber, Cosmetology 2 (Justice); Alexandra Taylor, Criminal Justice (Marshall); Natalie Baki, Criminal Justice 2 (Marshall); Oscar Ayala Segovia, Culinary Arts 1 (McLean High School); Ronica Das, Cyber: Computer Systems Technology 1 (Marshall); Parsia Bahrami, Cyber: Computer Systems Technology 2 A+ (Marshall); Lillian Can, Cyber: Network Administration (McLean); Pranav Prabhu, Cyber: Routing and Switching, Cisco (Marshall); Bryan “Chris” Powers, Cyber: Security+ (Marshall); Pablo Frontera Mendez, Entrepreneurship 1 (Marshall); Aaron Lis, Entrepreneurship (Marshall); Rebecca Schuette, Engineering Systems (Marshall) and Gareth Morgan, Robotic Systems (Marshall).