Villa Ridge Residential Subdivision Denied, 6-0

Before a large turnout of neighbors to the site Tuesday night, the F.C. Planning Commission at its twice-monthly business meeting voted 6-0 to deny a petition for a subdivision of the residential lot at 807 Villa Ridge because, in the words of F.C. Planning Director Paul Stoddard, “It did not meet the zoning requirements related to lot width.”

The contentious issue was subject to two Planning Commission work sessions on Nov. 4 and Dec. 16 last year that led to extensive commentary from City Attorney Carol McKoskrie. Even though the City staff recommended approval of one of the options for the subdivision Tuesday night, the commission, following a lengthy closed session, voted to deny the subdivision. The property in question, mostly surrounded by single family residential homes, houses an existing two-story frame house built around 1950.

The original proposal was for a “pipe-stem” division of the lot but the preferred request that came to the commission Tuesday night was for a non-pipe stem option.