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Recap from Dec. 10 Rosemary Lane Meeting

Following a meeting with Virginia Department of Transportation officials on Dec. 10, traffic speed and volume were determined to meet the criteria needed to undertake traffic calming measures along Rosemary Lane. Currently, 1,200 cars travel on the road per day and go as fast as 38-43 MPH.

While the road is too narrow for other measures, Fairfax County’s Department of Transportation can recommend a series of three-foot speed humps with approval from residents.

Installation will take 2-3 days, with no road closure. VDOT will maintain the humps after installation. Funds will come from Fairfax’s existing budget for safety improvements.

The Resident Task Force is planning to distribute census-style ballots sometime soon after the new year. The task force will go door-to-door and provide the ballots to each resident with a stamp as they must be mailed in, as the task force cannot collect them.

The ballot is simple and lists the extent of the changes — the different kind/location of the speed humps recommended by FCDOT. The residents as a household then vote yes or no. The task force refers to it as a “census-style ballot” for that reason, as households can typically have as many voters as they like, where this process gathers the opinion of the whole group, representing it in the tally to be done by the county.

The task force selects the start/end date by which ballots must be received. The task force’s efforts will be focused on selecting a time that is favorable and also be sure to spread as much information as possible to the affected residents, in this case those living on Rosemary Lane, along with the cul-de-sacs it includes.