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Marshall Academy Shadows Hotel Culinary Team

Culinary Arts 1 and 2 students from Marshall Academy had the opportunity to shadow the executive culinary team and director of hospitality at the McLean DoubleTree Hotel, where they worked with staff members to prepare lunch.

Working in teams with staff members, they prepared grilled chicken with a demi-glace sauce, baked tilapia, mixed vegetables, rice pilaf, and dinner rolls. Other teams handled the set-up and breakdown of the room and buffet serving area. DoubleTree staff members voted for the best dining table arrangement.

During lunch, the DoubleTree staff discussed their personal career journeys, interview and resume tips and the vast career opportunities at the company and within the hospitality field.

Students learned the value of teamwork, hard work, communication and leadership, and critical thinking skills as the DoubleTree staff stressed that the hospitality field involves working in various capacities and helping teammates ensure guests are satisfied during their stay.

One student remarked, “It’s good to go to school for cooking but you also need to get experience outside of school.”

This trip was funded with a work-based learning grant from the Foundation for Fairfax County Public Schools.