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Local Author Has New Book On Global Adventures

Local author Susan Gillerman Boggs recently released her new memoir, “Journey Across Time.” The book offers a window into life in South Asia, which has changed vastly since Boggs began living there as a diplomat’s wife in 1985. In a story told through first-person narrative, Boggs takes the reader to remote places, many now closed to visitors.

She describes experiences both exotic and hilarious, and adventures impossible to replicate. The author invites readers to share the color and pageantry of festivals, religious rites and parades of caparisoned elephants. She ventured into the Himalayas on perilous roads and was welcomed into a remote land of former headhunters. She dined with royalty and danced with a maharaja, conversed with Mother Teresa, met President Clinton and appeared in a film starring Pierce Brosnan. She survived floods, political assassinations, and window-shattering bombs and was bitten by a grouper in a coral lagoon, sneezed on by an elephant and cornered in a cul-de-sac by angry bulls.

Back on the home front, the Boggs chronicles the daily joys and frustrations of diplomatic life with its cast of senior officials, Mughals, intellectuals and colorful characters.

With verve and self-deprecating humor, she describes how she managed a diplomatic household and orchestrating official events despite personal dramas, logistic challenges and power outages.