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Missing Cat: Gibbs

A local family’s cat has been missing for nearly a week and they are requesting the public’s help in tracking him down.

A 9-year old neutered male cat named “Gibbs” slipped out of the Hughes family’s home on West Marshall St. in the City of Falls Church in the afternoon on Nov. 12. He is an indoor kitty that does like to occasionally explore the outside world but always returns within a day or at mealtime. However, he has not returned, and with the unseasonably cold weather last week, the Hughes’ are hoping that someone welcomed him into their home to keep him warm and safe.

Gibbs is tan, brown and black in color with large, mitten like paws (he is polydactyl with extra digits on every paw) and has a 3-inch tail. While he has short fur, he is quite fluffy and looks larger than his 12 pound weight. While he won’t keep his collar on, he is microchipped. He is very friendly while indoors but is quite skittish when outside.

The Hughes family misses him terribly and are hoping a member of the community will contact them if you have any news on his whereabouts. They can be contacted via mobile phone at 703-623-3719 or email at