F.C. Stormwater Task Force Deadline Friday

(Photo: Courtesy Dan Lehman)

The deadline is this Friday for applying to participate on a new City of Falls Church Stormwater Task Force that will prioritize the deployment of City dollars to mitigate the impact of storms on City residences.

City Manager Wyatt Shields said at the City Council meeting Tuesday night that he hopes the Council will appoint a seven-person board representing different geographical sectors of the City, and noted that as of Tuesday, no less than 21 citizens had applied. He said he hoped the first meeting of the groups once it is formed will be next month. Again this week, a large contingent of citizens showed up at the City Council meeting to complain and appeal for swift action on stormwater-related programs, as well as traffic calming. “We should not wait until January to unclog the queue on taking action on some of these infrastructure issues,” Councilwoman Letty Hardi said, reflecting expressions of frustration by others on the Council.

Councilman Ross Litkenhous said that traffic safety issues are severe along S. Lee Street, for example, and that putting sidewalks there should be a top priority. Noland Street is another priority, and Shields said that police have been meeting with neighbors there, begun patrolling the street (which has become a high-speed cut-through for traffic to the Metro encouraged by a popular Internet app that directs motorists that way).