Warner Moves to Protect ‘Pre-Existing Conditions’

Virginia U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner last Tuesday filed paperwork that will force a Senate vote to protect people with pre-existing conditions from another attempt by the Trump Administration to gut the Affordable Care Act.

“Under the pretext of so-called short-term plans, the Trump administration is pushing healthcare plans that once again allow insurance companies to discriminate against Americans based on their medical history. These skinny plans, or how I refer to them as ‘junk plans,’ also undermine the Affordable Care Act’s requirements that insurance cover things like emergency room visits, maternity care, and other essential benefits,” said Sen. Warner on the Senate floor. “Let me be clear, the reason that this market has suddenly been flooded with these junk plans, many cases advertising in low income markets that these are ACA, or Obamacare plans, is not because Congress passed any law.

“The President tried and failed twice to pass legislation ending these protections for folks with pre-existing conditions. And since they couldn’t get their way in Congress, now they’re using executive action to try to undermine the Affordable Care Act.”