Police Chief Says Department Not Operating With ICE in F.C.

Falls Church Police Chief Mary Gavin.

In light of new federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement directives, Falls Church Police Chief Mary Gavin issued the following statement, “The Falls Church Police have no direct contact with ICE about any immigration issues. We are not doing any operations with ICE in the City of Falls Church. We are committed to providing and maintaining the highest quality public safety service to everyone in the community. Our police officers do not take into account the immigration status of anyone they encounter when performing their duties. Immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility, not one for local police.

“The enforcement of federal immigration laws fall exclusively within the authority of federal immigration officials, such as United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, commonly known as ICE. The City of Falls Church Police do not enforce administrative immigration warrants and/or participate in investigations which lead to the enforcement of administrative immigration warrants.”