F.C. Cuts Parking, Adds Other Options in Regional Program

The City of Fall Church is currently part of an effort to address overbuilding of parking and underinvestment in multi-modal transportation options. This project will update multi-family residential parking requirements for new developments in the area. An outcome of this project will include revisions to the City’s Traffic Impact Analyses tables, which are used to estimate potential traffic impacts of proposed land uses and assign parking requirements. The project will also support a potential revision to the City’s zoning ordinance. The updated standards would be intended for use in all future multi-family residential projects and be useful to other jurisdictions in the region.

At its May meeting, the Transportation Planning Board, which is a part of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, approved 13 projects for $680,000 in technical assistance as part of this year’s Transportation Land Use connections (TLC) program. These projects align with regional priorities, such as promoting walkable, bikeable and transit accessible communities, and the TPB’s Visualize 2045 aspirational initiatives.

This year, the TLC program received a record number of applications — 25 in total. Solicitation for this year’s projects began in February and ended on April 2. Applicants demonstrated how each project focused on TPB priorities. The TPB has called on local, state and regional leaders to “think regionally and act locally” with these projects.