Rams De-Horned by Mason, 13-0

MUSTANGS’ JACK BROWN (8) and Smith Kraft (#10) along with the rest of George Mason High School’s boys soccer team barreled through Strasburg Tuesday, cruising to an easy 13-0 victory over the Rams. The Mustangs are back in action tonight against Clarke County in the Bull Run District championship. (Photo: Carol Sly)

The momentum hasn’t slowed at all for George Mason High School’s boys soccer team, which trampled Strasburg High School, 13-0, Tuesday night.

When will the adversity hit for the Mustangs (15-1-1)? Apparently not anytime soon. Last week, the News-Press reported that Mason had outscored its Bull Run District opponents 79-1. After Tuesday night’s thrashing over the visiting Rams, that margin is up to 92-1.

With Clarke County — who the Mustangs have beaten twice this season by a total margin of 12-0 — coming to town for the Bull Run District championship, it looks like it’ll be another week before Mason really starts having to wipe some sweat off its brow.

“From what I’ve seen, regional semifinals will be a pretty good test, and definitely the region finals as well,” Mason head coach Frank Spinello said, before adding. “If we are fortunate enough to make it that far.”

Spinello is adamant about not looking ahead on the schedule, but it’s hard not to when competitions play out similarly to the Strasburg game two nights ago.

Within the first five minutes of the game, junior midfielder Alex Kryazhev scored Mason’s first goal. In the 12 minutes that followed, junior defender Hunter Broxson, freshman forward Yasin Shams and junior forward Zorhan Boston all secured goals, with the latter two receiving assists from junior midfielder Henry Brorsen and Kryazhev, respectively.

The 4-0 lead would only continue to balloon from there.

Boston racked up three consecutive nifty assists to different players in a five minute span.

His first went to sophomore forward Smith Kraft in the 25th minute. Next up was a smooth connection to junior midfielder Corwin Miller in the 27th.

Lastly to freshman midfielder Matthew Hellert in the 30th minute to head into halftime with a 7-0 lead.

The Mustangs toned it down a bit in the second, if only because they only had 20 minutes to work with. Shams nabbed his second goal in the first minute out of the break and close behind was Kryazhev goal off an assist from senior forward Nicholas Wells. Moments later a Broxson rocket was bravely blocked by a Rams defender, only for Kryzhev to swoop in and backheel his third goal to complete a hat trick for the game.

Up 10-0, Broxson tallied two more goals in a short span of time. Sophomore midfielder and reinforcement Arda Cevirme to complete the scoring for the evening in the 57th minute.

Even with the drubbings Mason has doled out over the past two months, it still hasn’t been a drain on the team’s motivation with the most important stretch of the season coming up the next two weeks.

“We just try and improve aspects of our game that are gonna help us down the road,” Spinello added. “It seemed like we were fighting for each other more today than we even have been earlier in the season. Everyone steps up a level, consequences are even greater in the games during the playoffs so everybody took a step up today.”

Mason will host Clarke County High School tonight at 7 p.m.