3 More Wins Tallied By Mustangs

SENIOR FORWARD Detsl Antezana Gianni was a part of the Mustang attack that helped seal the game late in Mason’s 3-2 win against Loudoun County High School last week. (Photo: Carol Sly)

Settling into its winning ways, George Mason High School’s boys soccer team racked up three more victories this past week to keep its April spotless.

With spring break approaching this weekend, Mason (6-1-1) wasn’t looking to have any bad losses spoil its time away from the pitch. And they did just that, with a 3-2 win over Loudoun County High School last Thursday, a 4-0 win over Central High School the following night and an 11-0 win against Strasburg High School that ended early Tuesday night. Winning is fun — scratch that, it’s awesome — but head coach Frank Spinello likes the attitude his team is displaying early in the year more than the results they’re getting.

“I think they showed a lot of maturity in other ways,” Spinello said. “[Freshman forward] Yasin [Shams] missed a penalty kick, and [junior forward] Zorhan [Boston] earned the next one and gave his penalty kick opportunity to Yasin. Just unselfish play like that and it seemed like it was contagious once it happened. Guys were cheering for guys in their position. Once that starts happening and we’re all in the same fight together, things usually work out pretty well.

Against Strasburg, Mason was able to qualify for a mercy rule win within the first half. Shams and Boston traded off scoring the first four goals, with Shams earning the first and third and Boston the second and fourth.

It wasn’t until the 32nd minute that Shams earned his penalty kick, that he appeared to muff on the delivery and gave Strasburg’s goalkeeper a chance at blocking — which he did. Freshman midfielder William Atkeson scored the next goal at the 35th minute, before Boston drew the penalty that set up Shams’ redemptive penalty kick. Sophomore midfielder Jack Brown and Boston scored again before the half was over to go up 9-0, while sophomore midfielder Declan Quill fed Boston’s fourth goal and sophomore forward Smith Kraft converted a corner kick to complete the game’s scoring.

Facing Central last Friday, the Mustangs were able to have their way. Two goals were notched in the first half to go with two in the second, along with a dominant game possession-wise made sure the Falcons never had a puncher’s chance to seize the game.

Last Thursday’s Loudoun County game, however, had peaks of excitement followed by long lulls. In the first 10 minutes Mason tallied two goals to take a commanding lead…until the Raiders scored consecutive goals in the next 5 minutes to knot the game up. An hour-long stalemate ensued until the Mustangs finally broke the ceasefire by netting its third and decisive goal.

Again, winning is nice, but making sure the depth is intact is another key component of the team. That’s why Spinello was intent on getting his “reinforcements” in the game to shore up their skills as well.

“I didn’t feel like the level of play dropped at all, so they did their job,” Spinello said.

Mason will travel to play Rappahannock County High School on Friday.