Letters to the Editor: Article on Saslaw Was ‘Puff Piece’ for Incumbent


Letters to the Editor: January 17 – 23, 2019


Article on Saslaw Was ‘Puff Piece’ for Incumbent


Your January 3 edition Page 1 article on the election primary between Saslaw and Taeb was a shameless puff piece for the incumbent.

Instead of highlighting the contest and treating both candidates equally/objectively, you devoted one sentence to the challenger, simply noting that she’d recently moved to Falls Church, and spent a large amount of space touting Saslaw. That’s essentially an explicit endorsement — in supposedly pristine editorial space.

Can you not read and understand your own Platform saying “Do not let the news columns reflect editorial comment?”

Saslaw’s been in office forever, is well known, and has major achievements. In addition, his leadership position makes him a powerful advocate for Northern Virginia. But the news you should have covered is the challenger, describing her background and positions and basis for running.

You then compounded your offense by, in the same issue as the election article, printing Saslaw’s column.

I have no problem with Saslaw and he might in fact be the better candidate. But you sure didn’t provide a basis for anyone reaching that conclusion.

Gabriel Goldberg

Falls Church


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