Letters to the Editor: New Parking Arrangement On Maple Makes No Sense


Letters to the Editor: September 20 – 26, 2018


New Parking Arrangement On Maple Makes No Sense


The nonsensical parking arrangement on Maple Ave. between Broad and Park near the Northside Social could be one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in my 42 years. Vehicles heading south on Maple actually need to cross over the double yellow line (which is illegal) to get past that area. It is dangerous not only to vehicle traffic but also to pedestrian traffic. I wonder if the people employed by the city that make these decisions even thought twice about this or just jumped at the chance to add four or five parking spots.

The city needs to explore the possibility of building a parking garage or stop development all together until they figure out a solution to the parking situation in our little city.

Kevin Dean

Falls Church


Park Ave. Changes Should Also Include Wider Sidewalks


I was pleased to read in a recent article about the support to spruce up the area between Park Ave. and Little Falls St. I particularly am pleased to read that these efforts include improving walkability along Park Ave. In addition to the suggested improvements mentioned in the article, I would advocate for increasing the sidewalk width on existing sidewalks and constructing a new sidewalk on sides and sections of Park Ave. that do not currently have sidewalks.

Increasing sidewalk width and constructing new sidewalks where they don’t exist would contribute mightily to the walkability of Park Ave. and Falls Church City writ large.

Brent Lederle

Falls Church


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