City Reminds of New Windshield Location for Stickers

Effective at the start of this year, Jan. 1, 2018, Virginia state inspection stickers should no longer be affixed to the bottom center of a vehicle’s windshield, according to the F.C. City Treasurer’s office. The state inspection stickers are now placed in the bottom left corner of the windshield when viewed from inside the vehicle. Existing Virginia vehicle inspection stickers are to remain in their current position, in the bottom center of the windshield. Once a vehicle is inspected and issued a 2019 sticker, the new inspection sticker must be placed in the lower left corner, which is consistent with other states across the nation.

The new location applies to other stickers, including the City of Falls Church vehicle property tax decal. The 2018-2019 vehicle decal should be placed on the inside of your windshield in the bottom left corner (driver’s side) to the right of the Virginia state inspection sticker (if already issued). There has been no change to the City of Falls Church code, which requires the decal (or “vehicle license”) to be displayed next to the Virginia state inspection sticker. Police officers and public service aids will allow latitude in the position of both the Virginia state inspection sticker and the City of F.C. vehicle decal.

All cars, trucks, and motorcycles normally garaged within the City of Falls Church must be registered and clearly display a 2018-2019 yellow City decal on or before Nov. 16, 2018.