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Glencarlyn Library Community Garden Festival

Interested residents can come see the garden in all of its autumn glory at the Glencarlyn Branch Community Library (300 S. Kensington St., Arlington) on Sunday, Sept. 16.

The morning presentation at 11 a.m. is “Weeds or Wildflowers? What’s in Your Garden?”

Numerous plants that we rip out of our yards as weeds may be native plants that benefit our local ecology. Learn how to identify some of these and how to work with them in your garden.

The afternoon presentation at 1 p.m. is all about “Identifying Invasive Plants in Your Garden.”

Invasive plants like English ivy and porcelain berry can out-compete native and beneficial plants and don’t support our local wildlife. Residents can learn how to identify and rid their yard of some common invasive plants that are found in the Northern Virginia area.

For more information about the event, 703-228-6414 or e-mail