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Letters to the Editor: Recognizing the Bravery Of an F.C. Police Officer


Letters to the Editor: April 26 – May 2, 2018


Recognizing the Bravery of an F.C. Police Officer

The following is a letter shared with the News-Press to Falls Church Police Chief Mary Gavin:

Chief Gavin,

In the early morning hours of March 21, a man previously unknown to us attempted to enter our home by force. He left after being warned by my husband not to return, then subsequently returned anyway, committing an extreme act of violence against our family by setting our vehicle on fire while parked in our driveway next to our home.

We are writing to commend Officer Norlloff for her exceptional work as she assisted our family. She responded to the call for help quickly and in silent mode. In so doing the criminal was not alerted to her arrival and he failed to escape. Despite the criminal’s close proximity to our vehicle, which was then fully engulfed in flames, and the potential for harm from an explosion, she fearlessly approached the arsonist as he lingered in the street. Her bravery in the face of this danger is admirable. She calmly and quickly arrested the suspect. Were it not for this act it is likely my family would have already left the city due to the fear this man caused me and my children and the possibility of his return.

Just as admirable was the way Officer Norlloff treated our family throughout the night in the midst of a terrorizing event. She showed compassionate concern for our children. She shared her knowledge of the procedures that would follow in her attempts to reassure and calm me down. Officer Norlloff stayed with us in our home for several hours which helped me and made my children and myself feel protected. She subsequently returned two days later and checked on me to ensure we were ok and again assured me that she is here to protect us.

We recommend a public commendation for Officer Norloff due to her bravery and swift apprehension of a dangerous criminal, her demonstrated compassion for our family, and her dedication to keeping our family and the citizenry of Falls Church safe.

Officer Norloff, a lifetime resident and George Mason High School graduate, represents the best of the best in the Falls Church City Police department.

The Craig Family

Falls Church


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