Letters to the Editor: Time For Organizations to Speak Out on Gun Control


Letters to the Editor: March 1 – 7, 2018


Time For Organizations to Speak Out on Gun Control


Other than society in general, what organization do guns most affect? Law Enforcement! I am a retired lieutenant of the Metropolitan Police Dept. in Washington, D.C. During the course of my police career I have had five of my police friends shot and killed. I like guns, always have and always will, but there is a limit to my affection for guns. When I retired, my guns got packed up and put away.

Back in the 60s as a young policeman I was a member of the NRA until they came out with new ammo — the teflon bullet. I renounced my membership in the NRA because they heartily endorsed the teflon bullet and refused to withdraw it. After public outroar became so great the NRA withdrew their endorsement. The teflon bullet was made for one thing — to penetrate bullet proof vests. Who wears bullet proof vests? Policemen. Right off the bat I can think of at least three organizations guns affect in everyday life: The Fraternal Order of Police, The National Police Chiefs Association and many local police and sheriffs organizations. Assault weapons, bump stocks and large capacity magazines belong in the hands of either the police or the military.

It is time for these organizations take their head out of the sand and to weigh in on the gun control issue. If you want to shoot ducks or deer in Virginia you are limited to three rounds in your weapon which I’m sure is applicable in many other states. I guess ducks and deer mean more to legislators than people.

William J. Dunn, Jr.

Falls Church


Congress Needs to Reinstate Assault Weapons Ban


As mayor of Rockville, Maryland in 1994, I served on a U.S. Conference of Mayors ad hoc committee whose purpose was to lobby Congress for a law banning assault weapons. Fortunately, Congress passed a law to ban these weapons and the bill was signed by President Clinton in late 1994. Unfortunately, the bill contained a 10-year sunset clause that President Bush and the Republican Congress let expire.

Congress needs to reinstate this assault weapons ban again without hesitation. The majority of U.S. citizens is demanding this action.

Jim Coyle

Falls Church


Teachers Should Be Honored, Not Armed


The Washington Capitals, as is the custom these day at professional sports venues, honors at each home game a person on active duty in the military. While I appreciate the service of the individual being so honored, I also feel a tinge of regret that the extended standing ovation is what passes for patriotism these days.

Given all the news and noise about school shootings, might I suggest to the Caps that every fifth game, or so, that a teacher from the local area be honored? Most teachers toil at low pay relative to other professions, and with nothing more expected in return than the satisfaction of helping to develop an educated and responsible citizenry. And it seems that increasingly they too are randomly put in harm’s way — far more often than they should be. Teachers should be honored, not armed.

And yes, Bob Costas used his much bigger stage to recently suggest much the same — good idea Mr. Costas.

Thomas Irvine

Falls Church


Assault Weapons Not to Blame in School Shootings


Regarding your editorial last week, the fact is that these are not assault weapons. This is a simple .223 caliber rifle with a clip. Assault weapons are already banned.

If you preach the Gospel like you promote your political stances, then you are getting the Gospel wrong. Let me help you, one born again believer to another — these rifles look like something that G.I. Joe would carry. They are not.

While we are at it, the Constitution promises us God given rights. When you decide that you are He, things will become blurry. I believe (and the Bible reinforces) that a practicing Christian cannot be a Democrat, due to the platform of open borders, abortion, same-sex marriage, socialist philosophy, gender stance, etc. When we start embracing any of those, we’ve crossed the line into the grey, the fog and it will be difficult to find our way back. My heart aches for all involved in Parkland, but Christians can’t cower to the leftist mentality. We have to preach the Gospel, use the Word, the Name and the blood, take authority over satan and His cohorts and reclaim our youth from the enemy.

Thomas Usry

Via the Internet


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