2024-07-17 5:34 AM

Region Prepares for Cold Coming This Weekend

Fairfax County is hosting a public media event Friday morning to discuss efforts to protect and support homeless persons during the dangerously cold temperatures expected this Friday and Saturday.

The county police department has already had a rescue of a woman who was lost and affected by the cold temps, county officials reported yesterday. Although she was not homeless, it is an example of the risk of hypothermia for residents who are not sheltered. The event will be on Friday at 7 a.m. at the United Baptist Church of Annandale. The church is coordinating a hypothermia program this week with Annandale United Methodist Church across the street. Fairfax County has been housing an average of 200-220 people a night through its hypothermia program during the recent cold weather.

A representative from the county’s Community Services Board will be on hand Friday to discuss efforts to engage and shelter the homeless community which for reasons including mental health may be resistant to seeking housing.





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