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Time’s Enraged Women of the Year

Bravo! Time magazine’s choice for 2017 Persons of the Year is “The Silence Breakers,” the women leading the new sexual abuse reckoning.

Now in some of its rawest forms not seen in 50 years, the fierce unleashing of feminist rage is beginning to rip apart the American body politic and lord knows we best be braced for a bumpy ride.

This odd concoction bubbled to the surface in American culture when normalcy took a back seat to lunatic politics starting with the 2000 theft of the presidential election by dastardly Republicans who threw civility to the wind in that world-historic failed test of the nation’s fitness for democracy by forcing a horribly bad call down the throats of the entire U.S. population.

Yes, that’s when the endgame seeds of the great post-World War II cultural war in America were strewn across the psychological landscape of America. The incubating madness was set into motion then.

America was more than a little tilted akilter by that, and when the force of 9/11 hit, causing a broad-based national amnesia with respect to the 2000 stolen election, the country erupted in a blood-thirsty quest for revenge which led to an invasion of an innocent nation that has never really let up even as more than half-a-million indigenous Iraqis have been killed and no “weapons of mass destruction” were ever found.

This was the period when the national press corps abandoned us, lock stock and barrel. While the invasion pressed on, everyone looked the other way as the greatest heist ever of national financial institutions was underway, triggering the inevitable meltdown and the loss of trillions in national wealth, leaving a veritable third world country in its wake that we still haven’t rebuilt.

Blood lusting savages of greed and selfishness were unleashed in that era, who vowed from the day of the Obama presidency’s onset to so shake the foundations of our democracy so that sheer chaos would surely ensue.

The Koch Brothers’ radical libertarian wing of the Republican Party staged a practical coup, soaking up millions in angry conservatives’ wealth to propagate a ghastly, menacing force of marauders in the land known as the Tea Party. Raging and mindless, they were set loose with abandon and untethered from any concept of civility or respect for persons with differences of race or religion.

Their racist and sexist poison turned whole parts of the nation into cultural wastelands even as their bile ate away at their spleens and tore them mighty empty holes in their souls that only painkillers, opioids, could assuage.

Morality was being tossed on the scrapheap, and even relatively civil Republicans were being sold on the notion that this new savage beast would be their salvation. So just as the nation has been descending into the very flames of hell, something has risen up.

That spirit of 1970! That feminist revolution that Nixon, the FBI and the establishment fought so very hard to suppress.

That feminist revolution that touched the consciousness of every woman in America because the oppression was so bad.

A counterinsurgency was unleashed based on a new level of license for men to be brutes and no longer attend to decency in their lusts. They were also armed with new weapons for assault, cocaine and other “recreational drugs” in infinite supply, and a new boundlessness in pornography “lessons.”

That new license introduced in the “sexual revolution” era of the early 1970s is what the leading edge leches of the current purges were schooled in. The boys beginning to catch hell for their excesses now were proteges of that hateful era, not the least being our pathetic excuse for a president. Don’t stop anytime soon, ladies and children! Let the reckoning continue with a righteous fury!

I was an eyewitness to how the counterinsurgency was set in motion after 1970 to put women down in ways that exceeded earlier periods by pigs like the ones being called out and exposed now. As a gay man in that era who banded together with others calling ourselves “effeminists” in support of our sisters, I could not be more pleased to see what’s being unleashed, at last, today.


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