F.C. Council OK’s Lease for Temporary City Hall Digs

As the reconstruction and renovation effort at the Falls Church City Hall looms, the F.C. City Council Monday OK’d the execution of a 12-month lease of 7,916 feet of temporary office space at $17 per square foot at 400 N. Washington St. to be occupied during the City Hall construction starting January 1, 2018. The cost of the lease will be $117,691. The space is needed to house staff and serve the public during the City Hall renovation effort. The City will relocate staff to the Property Yard, Gage House and the leased space. Police operations will be moved to the Property Yard, Public Safety Dispatch operations will be relocated to the Fire Station on N. Washington, Human Services will be relocated to the Gage House, the Registrar of Voters, Economic Development office and Sheriff will move to new swing space in City Hall and all other City officers will relocate to the 400 N. Washington location. Efforts remain underway concerning the relocation of other uses, including the courts, the City Council, School Board, Planning Commission and other board and commission meetings, probably to a combination of the Community Center, School Board offices and Henderson Middle School sites.