F.C. Police Offer Tips to Prevent Lawn Equipment Theft

After a recent string of lawn equipment thefts in the City of Falls Church, the F.C. Police Department has issued a press release encouraging residents to take precautionary measures to protect their personal property.

Police offer the following tips for reducing lawn equipment theft:

1) Put it away. Don’t leave lawn equipment unattended in your yard, even for a few minutes. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to exit a passing vehicle and steal your equipment. Store your tools in a lockable shed, garage, or storage unit. Even putting something out of sight can be enough to deter theft;

2) Lock it up. If you can’t put your equipment away indoors, or if you’re stepping away from your equipment for a few moments, lock your equipment using chains and padlocks. Loop the chain around the handles of your equipment and lock it around a post or permanent structure. An inexpensive bike lock could save you hundreds of dollars;

3) Personalize it. Make your equipment stand out. Stickers, decals, unique paint colors, and other permanent markings can make your equipment easy to track, and also make it hard for a thief to resell. If it’s more likely to be noticed, it is less likely to be stolen;

4) Document everything. Keep an external record of equipment serial numbers and other numbers on the tool, such as engine and chassis numbers. Photograph your equipment. Keep purchase receipts.