F.C. Council to Vote Monday on Maple Ave. Rezoning

A MOCKUP OF THE 300 BLOCK OF MAPLE AVENUE that includes the proposed Snyder house (far right). (Courtesy of Edie Snyder)

Cleared by a favorable recommendation from the City of Falls Church staff and a 3-2 vote by the F.C. Planning Commission this Monday, the long-awaited zoning change and Comprehensive Plan amendment requested by Council member David Snyder and his family to allow for the construction of a new home in the 300 block of N. Maple will come to the City Council this coming Monday seeking a final approval.

The change will allow for one new single family home and expanded parking for the Columbia Baptist Church, who joined Snyder in requesting the amendment. In exchange for that, according to the City staff, the public benefits will include a completed sidewalk along the entire length of the 300 block of N. Maple Avenue, additional landscaping to screen the view of auto parking and N. Washington St. from N. Maple, and the long-term protection of existing historic structures exceeding what is otherwise included in the City’s historic and conservation policy. According to Edie Snyder, the new home will be Energy Star-certified and will have a complementary style to the Victorian structures on and near N. Maple, and “will preserve the residential look and feel of the street and promote traffic calming and pedestrian and bicycle access for the foreseeable future.” But opponents cite the precedent for other rezoning applications.

Voting in favor of the plan on the Planning Commission Monday were chair Russ Wodiska, Lindy Hockenberry and Kwafo Djan and voting against were Melissa Teates and Andy Rankin. Members Tim Stevens and Brent Krasner were absent. Snyder has also recused himself from the remainder of the process