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McLean Rotary Club Awards Scholarships

Since 2006, the McLean Rotary Club has provided scholarships to local students who have demonstrated financial need and academic promise. The scholarships are open to any student who lives in or attends school in the McLean area. This includes McLean and Langley High Schools, The Pimmit Adult Education Center and private high schools Madeira and Potomac. Many of these students would not be able to attend college without assistance.

From the Pimmit Adult Education Center, the Club is awarding scholarships to two recipients:

Halima Mohamed, who came to the U.S. 12 years ago from Somalia. After adapting to a new life style, language and occupation all while raising a family, Mohamed is still earning high grades in school and received rave recommendations from her teachers and counselors. Mohamed plans to attend NVCC and would like to become a registered nurse.

Next is Rafael Rodriquez. Originally from Honduras, Rodriquez also had to navigate the English language while receiving high marks in classes and excellent reviews from his teachers and counselor. After spending 12 years working as a chef in various restaurants, Rodriquez hopes to switch careers by eventually becoming an accountant.

From McLean High School the Club is awarding scholarships to two recipients:

Kaan Taskintuna immigrated to U.S. from Turkey in the 9th grade and has done extremely well academically. For several summers, Taskintuna has worked as a volunteer in a hospital in Ankara, Turkey. He has also performed volunteer work at Franklin Sherman and did tutoring at Braddock Road Elementary school. Taskintuna speaks four languages and has made the National Honor Society in both 11th and 12th grades. He plans to attend Carleton College.

Also from McLean is Elizabeth Johnson. Johnson has a 4.23 GPA, has completed eight AP classes and is a member of multiple honor societies. In addition, she works 15 hours per week tutoring and assisting a disabled teen, has volunteered in Haiti helping children and also worked with battered women in Washington, D.C. and the Euro Atlantic Assurance Coalition focusing on reducing Russian aggression in Europe. Johnson plans to attend Brigham Young University.

Last is a continuing student at Northern Virginia Community College, Ecem Simal Gulhan. A McLean graduate and current Engineering student, in high school Gulhan received awards from the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists and the National Youth Leadership Forum. Her plan is to complete two years at NVCC and then transfer to a four year university to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science.