Crime Report: Bomb Threat, Massaging Without a Permit & More

The big City of Falls Church crime news in the past week was a bomb threat and fireworks set off in the elevator of an office building with an abortion clinic last Thursday.

In other crime, a Hillwood Ave. spa was cited for massaging without a permit and a 31-year-old Maryland man was arrested for a DUI when police found his vehicle stopped on Hillwood, straddling the double solid center lines.


City of Falls Church Crime Report: April 24 – 30, 2017

Massage Permit Violations, 163 Hillwood Ave (Pink Nails & Spa), Apr 25, a female, 60, of Falls Church, VA, was issued a summons for having no massage therapist permit. A male, 35, of Annandale, VA, was issued a summons for allowing massage without a permit.

Arson, 900 S Washington St., Apr 27, 9:00 AM, officers responded to a call of an explosion in an elevator. Fire investigators found exploded fireworks in an elevator. Investigation continues.

Bomb Threat, 900 S Washington St, Apr 27, 12:20 PM, officers responded to a possible bomb threat. The building was evacuated and a building search was conducted. No explosive materials were found. Investigation continues.

Drunk in Public, 900 blk W Broad St, Apr 27, a male, 59, of no fixed address, was arrested for being Drunk in Public.

Drunk in Public/Disorderly Conduct, 105 W Broad St (Irelands Four Provinces), Apr 30, 12:21 AM, responding to a fight in progress call, officers arrested a male, 26, of Falls Church, VA, for Disorderly Conduct and being Drunk in Public.

Driving Under the Influence, 100 blk Hillwood Ave, Apr 30, 2:23 AM, while on patrol, an officer observed a vehicle stopped perpendicular to, and straddling, the double yellow lane markings. A male, 31, of Glen Burnie, MD, was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and Refusal, both second offenses within 10 years.

Drunk in Public, 300 W Broad St (Stratford Motel), Apr 30, a male, 30, of Falls Church, VA, was arrested for being Drunk in Public.


On April 25, a male, 37, of no fixed address, was arrested on an outstanding capias for Failure to Appear in Court for underlying charges of Identity Theft and Obstruction of Justice.

On Apr 27, a female, 21, of Alexandria, VA, was arrested for Failure to Comply on an underlying charge of Petit Larceny.