Police Seek Info After Woman Bit by Dog in Falls Church

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the City of Falls Church Police Department told the News-Press Monday that the dog and owner involved in the incident have been located and that the victim will be fine with no rabies treatment needed.

A woman who was bit by a dog in the City of Falls Church on Thursday will have to undergo rabies inoculations if the dog is not located, police reported today.

City of Falls Church Police are on the lookout for a woman who was walking two dogs on N. Oak St. and Lincoln Ave. around 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 16. Police say the victim passed the woman and the dogs, described as having muted brown or brown fur with white markings, when one of the dogs bit the victim several times on the leg. The dog walker, described as a 20-something white female, about 5’4″ tall, 130 pounds and wearing a purple or lavender colored jacket, and may live in the vicinity.

Police ask anyone with information on this incident contact the Animal Control Division immediately at 703-241-5053 (TTY 711).