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F.C. Students Thrive in Mathcounts Competition

The Northern Virginia Regional Mathcounts Competition was held last Saturday, February 4, 2017 at George Mason University. The regional competition combines the Fairfax, George Washington, and Northern VA Chapters of the Virginia Society of Professional Engineers.

Over 420 sixth through eighth grade students from 49 elementary and middle schools competed at the events. These students have been practicing since the fall and were selected to represent their schools at the competition. Students compete as school teams and as individuals.

Mathcounts is a national middle school math enrichment program offering competition and club activities designed to foster appreciation of math among U.S. students so as to prepare students for future career opportunities and success.

Two Falls Church schools finished in the top three of the competition.

Second place: Longfellow Middle School (Coach: Jong Hyoun Jung); Students: Lawrence Shi, Austin Shi, Edwin Lu and Daniel Park.

Third place:Haycock Elementary School (Coach: Jin Kang); Students: Sam Wang, Taein Kim, Brian Lai and Alan Vladimiroff.

The top-scoring students in the Northern VA Chapter Area were as follows:

1. Lawrence Shi, Longfellow Middle School
2. Austin Shi, Longfellow Middle School
3. Austin Feng, BASIS Independent McLean
4. Sam Wang, Haycock Elementary School
5. Kevin Zhang, Longfellow Middle School