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F.C. Resident Enrolls as Honors Student at Kent State

Falls Church resident Tiffanie Chau-Dang recently enrolled in the Honors College’s freshman class at Kent State University. “The Honors College is proud to welcome Tiffanie into one of its highest achieving freshman classes ever and continues its strong collegiate enrollment,” said a press release from the university.

“These academically motivated freshmen have an average ACT composite score of more than 29 points and have all been awarded honors scholarships.” The Honors College is guided by two basic principles: the responsibility of providing academic work that both offers intellectual challenge and demands the best efforts of students and the belief that all students should be liberally educated, regardless of degree program.

Open to all majors, the Honors College fulfills its mission by offering smaller sections of courses, individualized interaction with faculty through research and other projects and the option of living in an honors learning community in the Stopher-Johnson complex.

Additional offerings include community service opportunities, personal advising, and several other educational enhancements across five Kent State campuses and including the Freshmen in Florence Program, which allows university freshmen to go to Italy. For more information, visit