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Local Tai Chi Dominates National Tournament

(Photo: Courtesy of Mickey Lee)
(Photo: Courtesy of Mickey Lee)

A team from Sun & Moon Taiji One tai chi school traveled to Windsor, Conn. on Saturday, Nov. 5 for the national Chinese Martial Arts,  the 6th Annual New England International Wushu Championships, which was attended by hundreds of practitioners from across the country.

The team, which was undefeated in the national championships in group tai chi since 2013, continued its exciting run, not only by winning Gold Medals in all three of its team events but also by earning the highest score among all Group Events at the tournament with their musical Chen-Style Taiji Form.

In addition, team members excelled in solo competition, finishing with a school total of thirteen first places, four second places and one third place medals in 18 individual divisions. For more information, visit