2024-06-22 10:14 PM

Benton’s ‘Extraordinary Hearts’ Rises to No. 1 Again

Falls Church News-Press owner Nicholas Benton’s recent book, Extraordinary Hearts: Reclaiming Gay Sensibility’s Central Role in the Progress of Civilization (Lethe Press 2013) has once again risen to No. 1 in the Gay Studies category on Amazon.com.

The book is a compilation of 100 short essays written weekly for the Metro Weekly gay magazine in D.C. It is important, Benton says, in the discourse on what it means to be LGBT beyond mere sexual orientation and beyond the current confines of so-called “gay culture.”

Gay activist icon Larry Kramer said of the book that it is “a vital moral book about who we are and who we should be. I admire it and its author enormously.”

Gay activist Douglas Sadnonick wrote about it in the Gay & Lesbian Review as “a historic step as a contribution to a hoped for new dialogue shaping a fresh, post-postmodern consciousness…an important visionary argument: biological procreation must give way to other, more conscious forms of creativity…an invitation for courageous intellectuals to articulate a redemptive ‘gay science’ capable of salvaging a sustainable future for our otherwise barbaric species.”





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