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Twin Psychologist to Speak in Falls Church on Sept. 15

by SeoJin Ahn

Dr. Joan Friedman, an internationally recognized twin psychologist, will speak on Thursday, Sept. 15 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, located at 3022 Woodlawn Ave., Falls Church, at 7:30 p.m. She will give a talk to the Northern Virginia Parents of Multiples organization about how parents and society raise and treat twins, either as a “twinship” or as individuals and its effects on the children themselves.

Her book The Same But Different: How Twins Can Live, Love, and Learn to be Individuals explores the unique challenges twins face when establishing independent adult lives. She will offer insights and solutions to these challenges and speak about why mothers of twins and other multiples are more likely to experience postpartum depression.

Friedman will answer questions about twin relationships and any related issues, such as friendships, careers and romance. For more information, visit