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Mason HS Grad Quoted in NPR Berlin News Story

Cieran Rockwell, a 2001 graduate of George Mason High School and the first ever Mr. Mason, was recently quoted in an NPR Berlin story about this year’s Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The story, titled “Life in Berlin: Split Concerns Between Germans and Americans About Donald Trump,” opens with Rockwell, an American expat and former politics student who now lives in Berlin, saying that he “would not vote for Donald Trump, and furthermore, I am not worried about him actually being elected President of the United States.”

Rockwell, who owns a small specialty food business with his partner, went on to say that he wouldn’t vote for Trump, who accepted his party’s nomination for president at the Republican National Convention in mid July, because he doesn’t think Trump has any idea how government is supposed to run.

Although Rockwell is identified as an expat in the NPR Berlin story, he is a registered independent in the U.S. and plans to vote Democrat in the presidential election in November. For more information, visit