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F.C. Tuition Theft Victim Receives $10,000 Scholarship

Course Hero, an online crowdsourced learning platform, recently gave a $10,000 scholarship to Lili Ferrufino of the Esteves family, who had tuition money stolen from them in a theft that took place in February at the Dunkin Donuts at 6138 Arlington Boulevard.

Ferrufino’s mother had her purse, which had tuition money for Ferrufino to go to Penn State University, stolen at the Dunkin Donuts. When Course Hero heard of the theft, they decided to give Ferrufino a one-time scholarship to replace the lost funds.

Course Hero provides a monthly scholarship program for student users of their software, which can be found at, and is currently offering other programs like their $1 million tutor giveaway at to help support students achieve their academic goals. For more information, visit