Letters to the Editor: Mason Row Views Mis-Characterized By FCNP


Letters to the Editor: December 24 – 30, 2015


Mason Row Views Mis-Characterized By FCNP


In the “New F.C. Council Sworn In” article of the last edition of the News-Press, my views were characterized as supporting Mason Row. In fact, those views, expressed as comments to City Council, were carefully limited to condition my support on resolution of pending and deeply concerning Mason Row issues. I raised longstanding issues including the great density of this project and its huge traffic impact, both of which must be lessened prior to adoption. I also discussed the need to resolve new issues, arising from the most recent plans and changes, including the lack of any internal trash and loading area for the hotel (thereby placing the trash loading squarely on N. West Street and 18 wheelers directly in front of families, strollers and children on Mason Row Lane), the need for a safe theater drop-off area for the newly above-ground theater and better parking plans for residents with overnight guests and second cars (to avoid cars flowing out onto neighboring streets).

There is much still to resolve. My comments reflected that recent changes indicate a likelihood we will arrive at a project I can support in the end. I commend the enormous effort and work of neighbors, Planning Commission, City staff, City Council and the developers in wrestling with and improving this huge project across two long years.

Kathy Kleiman

Falls Church


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