Letters to the Editor: Won’t Stick Around If F.C. Becomes Tysons III


Letters to the Editor: September 3 – 9, 2015


Won’t Stick Around If F.C. Becomes Tysons III


Rational responses to earlier News-Press front page articles gave me solace when your publication served once again as the unofficial propaganda arm of all things development in Falls Church City. The concerns raised about development reflect the growing number of residents who are organizing, taking a stand against steroidal development in our city.

Every time we turn around another practically done-deal project is announced, replete with an increased-revenues-it-will-provide rationale that pays for our schools; and guarantees their demise via burdgeoning class sizes.

I’m am for development that considers 1) preserving our current quality of life 2) catering to all residents; not privileging one population at the expense of another, 3) democratic vetting by all residents; especially when apartments will be erected

4) traffic control & installation of signage before development to ensure residential areas aren’t invaded by cars and people, 5) planning that isn’t driven by developer ideas about what we need, 6) timely community meetings to vet new projects; meetings not sponsored by developers who sell us on catering to a single age group, 6) not densifying on a prayer we can tax our way out of our financial woes, 7) holding accountable our officials in providing financial transparency, with proper internal auditing mechanisms in place, so we’re not forced to take their word on the need for more development.

The same battle we are in is erupting in every corner of our metro area. Developers have every incentive to get federal subsidies and make their personal fortunes. Councils are grabbing the bait, literally buying into wishful thinking we will apartmentize our way to solvency.

If schools go down the tubes with overcrowding our property values will decrease. I and others who will absolutely not stick around when we become Tysons III hope to God we can all still get our money’s worth for homes when Falls Church becomes a density nightmare.

Sajeela Ramsey

Falls Church


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