Letters to the Editor: Growth, Infrastructure Of F.C. is Worrisome


Letters to the Editor: August 13 – 19, 2015


Growth, Infrastructure Of F.C. is Worrisome


Kudos to S.H. King and Kate Jefferson (Letters to the Editor, Falls Church News-Press August 6 edition) in not being in agreement with all the building going on in the City. Yes, three grocery stores in a small area seems way too much. I had written to the News-Press a few years ago when the Harris-Teeter and the condos were being thought of. You all may not have been in the area at that time, but I also reminded City authorities that Harris-Teeter lasted two years in Fairfax City. The parking at that store was awful. I also had suggested that we re-name the “Little City” to “Tysons 3,” just change the zip code!

Also during all this growth there has been no whisper of extra parking. The parking at Giant can be very challenging at certain times of day or weekend. There are many people in the City who can only go in late afternoon or on the weekend.

I am glad that Ms. Jefferson’s daughter likes the City, but if you moved here because of schools, Fairfax and Arlington counties have great schools also. Our children were schooled in Fairfax County for 12 years, feeder schools did not seem to bother them and as long as they did well, we were satisfied. The taxes are much higher in the City of Falls Church, which apparently does not bother the citizens of Falls Church.

The worry that S.H. King has about the infrastructure is worrisome to all the residents. Many trees need trimming or taken out. The new lights at Pennsylvania and Broad street have leaves blocking a red light.

The “Congested City” is lurking!

Barb Molino

Falls Church


George Mason High Becoming More Crowded


I am a local Boy Scout from Troop 895 in the City of Falls Church and a senior at George Mason High School. I’m writing to voice my opinion on a very important local issue.

I have heard the recent debates on whether or not the city should renovate or rebuild the high school within the next couple of decades and, from what I have heard, the majority is favoring that the high school is adequate enough to last more than a decade without being renovated or rebuilt. As a student and someone who will soon be spending their fifth year at the school, I believe there is need to create space and renovate it. With the rapidly increasing population of the City, the high school will need more classrooms and space in general to keep its population from overcrowding.

Each year, the class sizes steadily grow from new residents and students in the U.S. from overseas. The space that is empty now will soon be filled.

Logan Nesson

Boy Scout Troop 895, Falls Church


Asks Cyclist to Warn While Passing On W&OD Trail


My wife and I have had the pleasure of visiting Falls Church on a regular basis since our son and his family came to live here about three years ago. Since we have been coming we have realised what a delightful place it is for our son, his wife and two young daughters to live.

It is a very friendly and safe environment to raise their children with lots of amenities such as the W&OD trail, parks and shops. We also had the pleasure of going with our family to the excellent 4th of July fireworks. As an English visitor any grudges we might have regarding the events in Boston have long since been forgotten by my ancestors!

However I hope you will pardon this visitor if, through your paper, I can make a plea regarding the trail. I go running on the trail and we also frequently use it to visit Lincoln Park with our two young granddaughters who are either walking or in a stroller. It is disconcerting for me and sometimes quite unnerving for the youngsters when a cyclist passes at speed without any warning at all. Can I ask that the cyclists follow the signs asking that a warning is given when passing other people on the trail?

Notwithstanding this comment about the trail my wife and I are looking forward to visiting your delightful City for a further two years before our family returns to live in England. I am certain that when they return they will take home many happy memories of their time in Falls Church.

Dave Wiggins

Worthing, England


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