Rabid Raccoon Attacks Dogs, City Issues Rabies Alert for Falls Church

A raccoon tested positive for rabies after it got into an altercation with two dogs on E. Jefferson Street in the City of Falls Church last week. The raccoon was euthanized while the dogs are currently receiving treatment, City officials says.

The City of Falls Church released a press release Wednesday following the incident on June 4 in the 100 block of E. Jefferson Street and also report a spike in rabid raccoons in the Fairfax County Health District which includes the City. The release says that most of the raccoons  population are healthy but if a raccoon or any wild animal appears to be sick or does not move away when near humans, they urge the public to contact City police at 703-248-5053 (TTY 711).

The release continues, “Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals most often transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. It is a myth that raccoons seen in the daytime are sick. It is not unusual to see raccoons during the day this time of year when the females are weaning their young.

“The community should make sure their dogs and cats are currently inoculated for rabies. It is not advisable to let cats roam freely. Also, it is against state law to feed any wildlife as it encourages domestication in wild animals and can spread disease.”