Last Minute Draft Mabry for F.C. City Council Movement Surfaces

A last-minute movement among some Falls Church citizens to qualify former F.C. Vice Mayor Sam Mabry to run for the City Council in the waning days before the filing deadline next Tuesday is actively gathering petition signatures, Mabry confirmed to the News-Press Friday¬†afternoon. Mabry told the News-Press that he will not make up his mind whether or not to run until Monday, however, but says the draft movement is “very serious” and that he “retains a keen interest” in the City’s political affairs. “I am not sure if I am up for devoting four more years to the City of Falls Church,” he said.

If he is qualified for the ballot and decides to run, Mabry would join a swelling field of candidates seeking the three open spots on the Council that will be contested in the November general election, that includes incumbents Mayor David Tarter and Councilman Phil Duncan, former Council member Johannah Barry and citizen activist Letty Hardi.

Mabry said that spearheading his draft movement are former Councilman Ira Kaylin and Linda Neighborgall. Though he is not circulating any of his own petitions, Mabry added that he is doing so for School Board candidates Allison Kutchma and Mark Kaye.

In a related development, Philip Reitinger confirmed via e-mail to the News-Press that he has been certified to run for the School Board.