Letters to the Editor: Clark Proposal Is Not A ‘Free’ High School


Letters to the Editor: April 16 – 22, 2015


Clark Proposal Is Not A ‘Free’ High School


Nicholas Benton seems surprised at the small citizen turnout for City budget meetings. I think many residents have simply given up on this Council and this newspaper because they consistently seem in the pocket of the school board without serious vetting of school administration budget requests.
The latest example is a new high school. Some questions the Council should be asking are:

1. Is a new high school necessary and when will the citizens have the right to vote on it?

2. The Clark proposal is not providing a “free” high school; a high school on the site displaces an alternate commercial activity for that portion of the proposed site. That portion of the site is worth significant money either up front and/or in ongoing revenues that will be lost if a high school is built there.

3. Why is the proposal being considered in secret? Good government is not done in secret. Doing so without oversight of the public leads to all sorts of chicanery or worse. Will any proposal going forward be subject to competitive bidding?

Ultimately, the way to fix the cozy arrangement with the school board is for the citizens to elect new representatives who will vet the school requests properly. Should the Council instead raise the tax rate this year to pay for this largesse, it is clearly time to show them the door.

James Schoenberger

Falls Church


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